The Territory

This land produces raw materials of a genuine Mediterranean taste which make IN Olive Oils and preserves excellent products well known and appreciated throughout the world.

The territory of South-Eastern Sicily, a strip of land in Southern Italy, washed by the Mediterranean and Ionian Sea, boasts a very solid agricultural and olive-oil producing tradition: olive, citrus, almond groves and vineyards as well as different varieties of tomatoes cultures and other plantations produce the raw materials used to make our preserves, side dishes and IN Extra-Virgin Olive Oil.

In this area of the island of Sicily, olive trees give the typical trait to the territory. An enchanting landscape, where the beauty of secular trees, the simple but basic structures of white dry-stone walls, built by our ancestors to delimit the different private land properties, and the tufa stone cliffs marking a striking contrast with the deep blue of our sea, combine with the care, the dedication and the efforts required for farming.

The Estates

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