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A natural product rich in precious enzymes basic for metabolic reactions in human body. Once filtered, IN Honey is packaged with no pasteurization or controlled heat treatment, then stored in temperature-controlled cellars to favor the formation of crystals, thus ensuring a totally natural creaminess. A tasty honey, a natural sweetener with a lingering fresh flavour of orange blossoms, to be served for a rich and energetic breakfast, spread on bread, to prepare pies and tarts or accompanied by cheese, to bring a 100% made in Italy taste to your table.

  • Miele di Zagara d'arancio


Product name: Orange Blossom Honey
Product description: Once extracted honey from honeycombs, and accomplished the setting period, the honey is filtered and packaged without any thermal pasteurization treatment. After packaging, honey in the jars ripen in places under controlled temperature to facilitate the formation of crystals, assuring a soft and natural creamy texture. It is a natural product rich in enzymes that take part in every metabolic reaction of the body accelerating them
Ingredients: Honey
Storage: Store in a cool and dry place, away from heat and humidity
Use: It can be eaten in a nutrient-rich and energetic breakfast, spread on bread together with butter, used to make cakes and pies, or paired with cheese