extra virgin olive oil

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You need plenty of devotion, care and a strong passion to obtain an excellent extra-virgin Olive Oil. Its production consists of several different operations, to be performed both on field and in the oil mill. Evo IN Oil is produced by the third biggest and most innovative Southeastern mill, endowed with two automated and computerized processing lines. Moresca and Verdese are the olive varieties that make this Sicilian olive oil extraordinary and tasty, a perfect dressing, to be used raw or cooked.

  • olio extra vergine di oliva nobile
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Product name: Nobile
Zona d’origine: Southeastern Sicily (Italy)
Cultivar: 50 % Moresca, 50% Verdese
Harvest time: September from 11 to 30
Type of harvest: Hand harvest
Crushing: Hammers
Extraction method: Cold continuous cycle < 27°
Medium yield: 13 litres of olive oil per 100kg of olives
Preservation: In oxygen-free stainless steel containers under nitrogen at a controlled temperature
Setting: Natural
Acidity: Expressed in free oleic acid < 0,35
Nutritional values per tablespoon: 14 ml = 13,5 gr: Total fats 13,8 gr
Use: The Evo “Nobile” is the right seasoning for simple and natural cooking, ideal with bruschetta, soups and grilled meat

National and International Awards

Leone d’Oro dei Mastri Oleari
2002 / 2004 / 2005 / 2006 / 2013
Cinque Gocce
L'Oro dei Due Mari
Sol d'Oro
2002 / 2004