data sheet

Tomatoes, Dried Tomatoes and Capuliato IN are totally organic products. Oval, round and cherry tomatoes are grown, harvested and sun dried according to the tradition, thus preserving the taste and the organoleptic features of the product as it was just picked and in accordance with the hygiene regulations. By combining the ancient recipes of country cuisine with modern packaging processes, the bio IN dried tomatoes “CIAPPA and CAPULIATO” represent a tasty and original seasoning, to be used raw or cooked for the preparation of various meals or as a delicious appetizer.

  • pomodoro secco bio


Product name: Ciappa Ovale/Tonda/Capuliato/Ciliegino
Place of origin: Southeastern Sicily (Italy)
Notified body: Bio Cerificate Supervisory body QC Certificazioni Srl: IT BIO 014 OP. 7893, Biosuisse, Brc Global Standard Food, Global G.A.P. - GGN: 4052852599788, HACCP system, VEGAN OK Food, AGRIQUANTUM
Type of harvest: Cherry tomatoes cut in two, organically cultivated, Selected, washed, cut, salted and sun dried, in a hygienically controlled and authorized ambient (SIAN- National Agricultural Information System)
Allergens: Absent Storage: A - low temperature (0;+6°). B - in a cool and dry place, away from heat sources and direct sunlight
Preservation time: A -12 months B - 6 months
Use: Parboil before use for at least 3 minutes, otherwise rinse it to remove exceeding salt