infused extra virgin
olive oils

data sheet

Aromati IN Oils come from a delicious encounter between Extra-Virgin Oil and 100% Sicilian dried aromatic herbs. Exposed to the winds and the vigorous sun of Sicily, the fields are entrusted to the care of expert farmers, who check with “their own eyes” the proper growth and health of olives, ensuring that their collection occurs during the ripening stage, that is when olives are ready for harvesting. Aromati IN are to be used both raw and cooked, to add a tasty spicy note to your meals.

  • olio extra vergine di oliva aromatizzati al peperoncino, rosmarino, erba cipollina e basilico
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Product name: Aromati
Zona d’origine: Southeastern Sicily (Italy)
Cultivar: 100% cultivar Moresca
Harvest time: October from 10 to 30
Type of harvest: Hand harvest
Crushing: Hammers
Extraction method: Cold continuous cycle < 27°
Preservation: In oxygen-free stainless steel containers under nitrogen at a controlled temperature
Nutritional values: 14 ml = 13,5 gr: Total fats 13,8 gr
Use: Our flavoured olive oils can be used both raw and in cooking with every kind of food