infused extra virgin
olive oil

data sheet

Agrumati IN Oils come from the selection of the best citrus fruits and IN Olive Oil, that is 100% organic and Sicilian high quality raw materials. Both olives, harvested by hands, and citrus fruits are selected and separated according to their variety and their maturation degree, in order to be pressed at the same time. The special production process of this oil makes it an extremely rare and tasty dressing, totally natural and without preservatives, to be used raw on salads, grilled vegetables, fish or meat, an ingredient which will make all your meals unique.

  • olio extra vergine di oliva - gli agrumati


Product name: Agrumato al limone
Place of origin: Southeastern Sicily (Italy)
Cultivar: 100% cultivar Moresca
Lemon variety: Femminello Santa Teresa PGI Sicily
Notified body: CCPB Srl Viale Masini n. 36 - 40126 Bologna Italy
Harvest time: October from 20 to 30
Type of harvest: Hand harvest
Crushing: Hammers
Extraction method: Cold continuous cycle < 27°
Medium yield: 8 litres of olive oil per 100kg of olives
Preservation: In oxygen-free stainless steel containers under nitrogen at a controlled temperature
Setting: Natural
Acidity: Expressed in free oleic acid < 0,3
Nutritional values per tablespoon: 14 ml = 13,5 gr: Total fats 13,8 gr
Use: The lemon flavoured olive oil, for its citrus taste, is an excellent seasoning; it is absolutely natural, without preservatives. It can be can used to season salds, fish, white meat and grilled food