It was 1904: the millstone and the press machine entered the courtyard of Palazzo Platamone. The courtyard of the palace, where the games of the summer family holidays used to take place, became the busy centre of the new mill.
Peppino Nobile inherited it from the same owners and today he brings in it the energy and the wisdom of the farm work. Those are the values that drive the IN business, heir of a long agricultural tradition, especially when it comes to the production of olive oil, and those values are now told using a contemporary language. The olive oil is the core of the quality production, but the attention to quality and to the production process has been expanded both with the lines bio and baby and approaching the foreign market and the quality catering industry in particular.
The story of a land and of its vocation for the agriculture of excellence finds its place in the story of the generations. Today IN Degustibus brings the same excellence in the world with its palette of flavours and perfumes of Sicily.
The new words we use to tell about an ancient wisdom are sustainability, innovation in processing and social responsibility of the business. From the solar energy produced by the photovoltaic plants, used both in processing and in producing, to the attention to the non-renewable waste and to its recycling, the mission of IN considers the territory as a starting point for the great agri-food vocation, expressed through research and experimentation.
The landscape is the culture of our ancestors on which we sow our business. The production becomes the most beautiful way to honour it, bringing on your tables the freshness and the intensity of the flavours of an island that never stops surprising us.

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