There is a direct connection between environmental sustainability and business achievement. Sustainable development is no longer exclusively connected to the environment and broadens its horizons to a “sustainable” business model.

With this knowledge in mind, our company has adopted a series of management systems and organizational assets in order to reduce the impact of business activities on the ecosystem and to develop a sustainability-oriented strategy.


Production of ecological fuels

During oil extracting process, the pomace produced as waste material – skins, pulp and fragments of the core – undergoes a second process of extraction separating the edible oil contained in the core from the remaining oil-free pomace, a granular material whose high calorific value is then used as natural fuel for boilers.

Renewable energy photovoltaic plant

Solar energy is converted into electricity and used to operate machinery required for farming and harvesting activities.

Vegetation water recovery for irrigation

Vegetation water produced as waste from extraction - during the process of converting olives into oil – is collected into appropriate tanks and then re-used to irrigate fields.

All of our activities, aiming at a sustainable economy and at reducing the environmental impact, are made more and more operative by some socially-responsible actions designed to protect not only farming itself but also the territory, the traditions, the culture and the whole landscape where our company operates.

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