Extra Virgin Olive Oil

riserva by Emanuele Nobile
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EVO IN “Basilica” is a deep history and rich tradition oil, a 100% Sicilian product which takes its name from an Early Christian Basilica of the 4 -5th century AD, owned by the family and located within the oil mill.

Elegant and singular, Olio In “Basilica” gift packs are a very appreciated and an unquestionably valuable gift.

From our cellar an exclusive packaging, hand-packed and bottled in dark glass bottles to preserve the artisan taste and quality, for an extraordinary combination of healthy lifestyle and Sicilian taste.

  • olio extra vergine di oliva nobile 0.5L

A unique and sophisticated bottle design, where every single detail is conceived to recall the wealth and beauty of our enchanting sunny land, plunged in the colours of the Mediterranean: the island of Sicily.

The Extra-Virgin Oil Riserva Basilica is a selection of oils from 100% local Cultivar of Southeastern Sicily, the jewel in the crown of the company’s production, being the result of an accurate planning made by oil specialist Emanuele Nobile, a key figure of our oil mill, whose work is aimed at obtaining prestigious and high quality extra-virgin oils.


Product name: Basilica
Place of origin: Southeastern Sicily (Italy)
Cultivar: 60% Tonda Iblea, 20% Nocellara del Belice, 20% Nocellara Etnea
Harvest time: October from 1 to 10
Type of harvest: Hand harvest
Crushing: Hammers
Extraction method: Cold continuous cycle < 27°
Medium yield: 10 litres of olive oil per 100kg of olives
Preservation: In oxygen-free stainless steel containers under nitrogen at a controlled temperature
Setting: Natural
Acidity: Expressed in free oleic acid < 0,3
Nutritional values per tablespoon: 14 ml = 13,5 gr: Total fats 13,8 gr
Use: The "Bisilica" olive oil seasoning intensifies flavour in pasta dishes and main courses, especially game.
basilica olio

The Oil “Basilica”, once packed, the oil is accurately saved in the extraordinary site of the paleochristian Basilica, a charming place, rich in history, that represents, in the absolute respect of its miracle of beauty, the ideal hall thanks to its temperature and light conditions.